Monday, 2 November 2015

Start of year

Hi guys!
So i'm going to give you all a little insight to the things we have done so far in TY. 
The very first thing we did  was we had a TY workshop on the 2nd of September, during this we had a talk with Ms Leonard. We talked about the year ahead of us and what we would do and where we would go. 

The week of the 14th of September was extremely busy but has had to be the best week of TY so far. That Wednesday we went to our retreat in the Celbridge Manor Hotel, this was a great experience and was so fun! The three people who ran it had us running around the rooms, laughing and talking to each other within 10 minutes. We talked about our opinions on different problems and scenarios. We also had a mediation time where we to rewind and remind ourselves of who we are and what we want our selves in the future. 

The two days after were AMAZING! We went to the famous Carlingford for two days. It was such a great experience. The bus ride took about 2 or 3 hours but was hilarious with all the singing and craic we had. We were brought on many trips but our days were laid out like so; When we arrived we were taken straight out to the water where we got changed into our wet suits and were taken out onto the water in canoes and had a race out to the water trampolines. We quickly got changed and were taken back to the center for a massive lunch. We were then were kitted out with laser guns and camouflage suits and walked up a huge slope and around a track up to the laser tag area. We played a couple of rounds, with two teams; blue and red. There was another school there and we tried to make friends but its a little hard when your fighting for the winning position on the board!

After laser tag we were taken back to the complex and shown our rooms and had dinner. We had about an hour or so to shower and relax. Then we ventured out into the mountains for our terrifying night line and hike. After we all ran around the village trying to get Chinese, to the chippers and the sweet shop before curfew. 
The next five hours were long trying to sleep off about ten packets of skittles and five bottles of coke is a lot harder then you might think. But surely enough the employees ran through our corridors early the next morning shouting at us to get up and pack our stuff. After breakfast we went to the high ropes course to have a team competition with multiple challenges, then after much persuading we were finally allowed to go on  their zip wires! We ran back to the center to say farewell to the staff and made our way home on the bus, happy, cheerful and a whole lot of exhausted. 

We also went to Kilkenny for our art trip. We saw the new major motion picture 'Song of the Sea', an Irish made movie surrounding the legend of the selkie. After we went to Kilkenny Castle to see the exhibition which was amazing. We were shown all the steps it takes to make an animated movie, we got to see all the unfinished pictures and drafts for the project.

Talk soon :) 

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